2395 Frederick Douglas Blvd, Central Harlem, NYC


The Frederick is to be a fifteen-story mixed-use, 100% affordable housing development project located in the Central Harlem section of Manhattan. A portion of the site currently houses a small operating Bravo Supermarket of approximately 4,000 square feet. We are working with the owner/operator, Diomedes Abreu, who acquired an adjacent building years ago with the intention of expanding the supermarket by an additional 3,750 square feet. However, a small adjacent building, owned by the City of New York, was recently demolished. We have approached the City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development about incorporating this 1,875sf site into our project. We would demolish the existing store and rebuild it as part of a mixed-use development project.

In addition, we would look to upzone the blockfront from R7-2 to R8A. This would allow for the creation of 75 units of affordable housing. We would also develop the supermarket under the City’s FRESH program. In addition, since a large portion of the cellar space will be dedicated to storage for the supermarket, there will be no need for using aisles space for temporary storage making for a much more pleasant and efficient shopping experience. The new supermarket will nearly double the size of the existing facility and will boost employment from 20 employees to nearly 35, adding 15 full-time positions.

The site is situated on the west side of Frederick Douglas Blvd between West 128th and West 129th Street – just three blocks north of the 125th Street Shopping District. The building will total approximately 75,000 gross square feet (not counting cellar space). Construction of the project is expected to take 21 months with a full lease-up of the project completed 6 months thereafter.